PJ Sails - Suppliers of hulls (Puma), Keel blanks & bulbs, deck and rig fitting kits (JIF65 & Puma) and sails 

SAILSetc - Publish the Rogue plans and mould the Argon. Also have an increasing range of fittings suitable for RG65s including rig fittings and keel/keelbox.

Robot Yachts  - Robot Yachts are moulding the RG65 Electronica designed by Brad Gibson

Dave Creed

Pocket Rocket hull/deck, fin, rudders & lead ballast

Contact; David Creed   Tel: 0151 342 7693


Sails and rig kits (swing & conventional)

Contact; John Tushingham Tel: 01943 816808 email:

Housemartin Sails Sails.

Traplet Plans - Plans for the JIF65, Puma (JIF2) and Tinker

The JIF65 plan is also available free here:

RC Yachts - Supply the Dragon Force 65 plus rigs kits and spares, also a Micro Magic Specialist, however many of the MM rig fittings, especially the moulded gooseneck, can be used for 6mm RG65 rigs.

Abersoch Boatyard Services Supply the Dragon Force 65 plus rigs kits and spares.

Taylor Made Yachts - Designer of the Fonix, available as hull kit ready for fitting of rig and radio - Details and prices on the website

C&M Yachts - C&M are the UK importers of the MX Goth RG65 designs by Frank Russell,this comes finished complete to deck level with winch and rudder servos already installed.

Catsails - Nigel Brown of Cat Sails is now making sails for the RG-65, he has many years as a full size sail maker making sails for 4 America Cup teams he started making IOM Sails and has produced a set of RG-65 high aspect ratio sails. In addition to sails he makes boat bags, transmitter muffs and sail bags details of which can be seen on his web site.

SailServo Winches

Supplying standard sized Sail Drum servos with or with Captive Drum Technology. Wide range of speeds, torque and rotations to suit RG65’s, IOM, MH +. Arm rudder servo for Dragons (analog) and RG65’s (digital). Pages of technical information.