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Model Yachting Association Forum

RG65 International Class Association Forum (Not updated very often)

RcSailing RG65 Forum - Mostly American users but good build articles and other useful information -

Plans Large archive of free RG65 Plans from the early Jif65 to more recent designs.

Frank Russell Designs Free plans for the Goth RG65 and various RG65 sail plans also plans for the updated Goth XP RG65 for $10Au


Rogue Build Article Chris Jacksons's November 2011 Marine Modelling International article on building a swing rigged Rogue. This is a good resource for anyone wanting to build a plank on frame boat from scratch.

Vanquish Build Article Article on building a Vanquish from - Also published as an article in Marine Modelling International Matt Riley (GBR20) has photos of several RG65s (as well as a couple of other designs)