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Travellers Series Round 6 - Report and Results

posted 24 Aug 2018, 14:24 by Matt Riley   [ updated 24 Aug 2018, 14:41 ]
Report from Clive Bardell:

As Watermead was closed due to blue/green algae, 2 Islands kindly allowed the event to be run on their lake.

The wind was varying between south and south west at 7 to 11 mph. This led to swirly winds and big changes when beating to the first mark. A reach to the second by the island caused the yachts to slow in the wind shadow but then a good run down to a gate in the channel. On several occasions the fleet split with the first three having a good wind and leaving the rest of the fleet a leg behind.

John Tushingham was on form with the first three wins but missed the fourth race due to a failed rudder servo. This gave Mike Kemp sailing a borrowed Argon for the first time to take poll position. Both Phil Holliday and Peter Baldwin were contending the top podium places.

By lunch after 10 races John was in the lead with a total of seven wins followed by Mike and Phil. There were close finishes between Noel Donaldson, Graham Bartholomew, Peter Dunnett whose positions were constantly changing. Peter Dunnett improving steadily throughout out the day and in the afternoon had two seconds and finished first on the 18 th. Race.

Overall John came out on top with 19 points followed by Phil with 43 points and third ws Mike with 45 points. Mike would have been higher but water in the receiver forced him to miss the last 4 races.

A good day for all and again a big thank you to 2 Islands for all the help and facilities provided.

Please note the Traveller 7 will be at Birkenhead on Sat.22nd Sept.
Clive Bardell. R.O.

1st John Tushingam sail 51  19 points
2nd  Phil Holliday  sail 66  43 points
3rd Mike Kemp  sail 129 45 points
4th Peter Baldwin  sail 63  55 points
5th  Peter Dunnett  sail 95  66 points
6th Graham Bartholomew sail 65  71 points
7th Noel Donaldson sail 29  76 points
8th  Roger Dunklin  sail 177 104 points
9th  Stan Cockeram sail 92  122 points.

Full results here