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RG65 UK 2019 Update

posted 29 Jan 2019, 07:02 by Matt Riley   [ updated 29 Jan 2019, 07:03 ]
Welcome of the 2019 world of RG65. We have hardly dried our boats off from the 2018 season and here we are about to embark on the 2019 TT series. We have 8 events scheduled with are listed below, with the first one at Eastbourne just around the corner.

But before we get to that event, there are many of you out there who we do not see on the series. Like me a few years ago you may be thinking that the TT is not the place to be because you are not experienced enough, a common misconception that we hope to clear up in this email. The TT is absolutely the place to learn your craft so please give serious consideration to this and come and join in the fun.

We are also looking for volunteers to take up active roles in running the class in the UK. Hopefully we can convince some of you to come forward and help manage and grow this fantastic class of RC Sailing.

So here we go….

The RG65 TT Series, what is it all about?

For those of you who have not attended one of our TT events before let us clear up a few misconceptions.
The TT Series is not only for the best RG sailors, it is for all RG65 sailors
The TT Series is not only open to experienced sailors, it is open to anyone who has a class legal RG65 (that includes all you DF65 folk as long as you do not use your A+ rig) no matter if you are learning the ropes or an old salt. We welcome all learners and Old Salts with open arms.
The TT Series is not a scary place to be, the racing is run in a friendly and courteous manner and is one of the best places to learn your craft.
You do need to have learned the Racing Rules of Sailing off by heart to join in. A basic understanding of the Port/Starboard and Windward/Leeward Boat is enough to get you started. And if you don't know those then come along anyway, we will help you get to grips with them.
It is not necessary to have the latest design of boat or best sails to join in, fun can be had with any class legal boat no matter how old and tatty. If you have any questions about participation or you boat, please get in touch, we are more than willing to help.

So come along and join in, you will have a great time.

Can you help the RG class in the UK?

As you will likely know the RG65 UK Class Association committee is a small group of volunteers who give a bit of their time to help run the class. This includes organising and managing the national race calendar including the TT, managing the membership, running the website, promoting the class, liaising with the MYA and ICA (International Class Association), and much more.

All of this currently falls into the laps of a few people and this can be taxing on them, and a lot of necessary tasks just do not get done. This is not great for the class or the membership.

So this is an appeal to all of you. If you are willing to help with the running of the association and/or class, then please get in touch. We need you, whether that is to take up a role on the committee or simply help the committee out.

Thank you.