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RG65s at the MYA Trade Show

posted 8 Dec 2014, 17:18 by RG NCA   [ updated 8 Dec 2014, 17:26 ]
As one of the classes featured at the 2014 MYA trade show (along with Dragon Force 65, Footy and 6M), the RG65 Class Association put on a good display, with 12 designs on show ranging from homebuilt wooden boats to the latest production boats, including the Dragon Force 65.
At the show was the latest version of Mark Dicks' Sliver, as built by Alex Cory, with foils by Robot Yachts. Mark has increased the height of the bow to improve off wind performance. The boat has a very minimalist interior layout and although the A rig is a swing rig the deck layout has been set up to take Dragon Force B and C rigs for simplicity.
Alex also had a prototype scow style hull, the scoff, on the stand.

John Taylor of Taylor Made Yachts has just received the plug of his Fonix design from the US. He is intending to get a boat launched in May ahead of the RG65 Nationals in June.

Robot yachts had two prototypes of Brad Gibson’s new Electronica which continues the trend of narrow beam and high bow.

CM yachts had an example to the imported MX Goth. A development of the Frank Russell designed IOM, this comes finished complete to deck level with winch and rudder servos already installed. See  for more details. This was recently reviewed in the sail free column of Marine Modelling International.

Various suppliers were selling equipment either designed for or that could be used for RG65s. Mike Weston of RC Yachts was there with a good supply of Dragon Force 65s and every spare part imaginable , PJ Sails produce the Jif2/Puma hull and have suitable fittings as well as molded keel bulbs. Housematin sails and Cat sails were selling DF65 sails, ideal for setting up 2nd and 3rd suits for all RG65s.
There are a few more pictures on the Photos tab.

There was a lot of interest in the class from visitors and with the new designs available, we hope this will lead to more boats on the water in the coming year.