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New Boats and Suppliers

posted 17 Jan 2017, 16:10 by RG NCA   [ updated 17 Jan 2017, 16:16 ]
First up is a new Mark Dicks design, the Sith. First shown at the the MYA trade show in November the Sith continues the trend for narrow hulls and swing rigs. Built by Rood Ars Composites in Thailand the Sith can be had complete to the deck in either glass or carbon fibre at £350 and £450 respectively. Foils and ballasts can also be ordered. For more details, contact Mark at

John Taylor has updated the info on his Fonix on the TaylorMadeYachts website including some photos of his new white No 28 boat. The Fonix is molded in carbon by Damien Ackroyd, More details at 

John is using new supplier SailServo servos for the winch and rudder servo for the Fonix

SailServo Winches - Supplying standard sized Sail Drum servos with or with Captive Drum Technology. Wide range of speeds, torque and rotations to suit RG65’s, IOM, MH +. Arm rudder servo for Dragons (analog) and RG65’s (digital). Pages of technical information.

Contact Tony Bell at  for more details