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2018 RG65 Rules Update

posted 5 Jun 2018, 02:07 by Matt Riley   [ updated 5 Jun 2018, 02:14 ]
The RG65 ICA (International Class Association) have asked the UK Class Association to vote on some proposed changes to the current Rules (published in 2014). The Committee feel it appropriate that it is the Members that should vote on this, and this vote will form our vote given back to the ICA.

The proposed changes are, as indicated by the ICA, clarification of the old rules and are not intended to change the class in any way.

The NCA need to cast our vote on the ICA proposals by 10 June and so we ask you to review this DOCUMENT and cast your vote by midnight on 8 June using this FORM.

If you have any questions or want to discuss any of the proposed changes then please comment on the MYA Forum or contact us through the link at the foot of the page


The RG65 UK NCA Committee