Registrations over the Holidays

posted 15 Dec 2017, 15:54 by RG NCA   [ updated 15 Dec 2017, 15:56 ]

Wayne, our Sail Number Registrar, has taken a well earned break over the holidays and won't be checking new sail number registrations until at least the 11th of January.

If you are desperate for a sail number before then Tim Long, of DF Racing and Soch Sails has a stash he can assign.

Normal service will resume when Wayne returns.

IRSA - 65 Class Statement

posted 5 Dec 2017, 06:40 by RG NCA   [ updated 5 Dec 2017, 06:41 ]

The MYA has received a joint statement from the IRSA and the RG65 International Class Association regarding the progress toward full international status for the class. (see below)

The UK NCA won't make any comment until it has received feedback from the International Class Association and has seen a copy of the new 65 class rules. However, feel free to discuss in this on the MYA Forums.

Future Directions for the 65 Class: A Joint Statement
November, 2017
65 Class Rules Working Party Forum
This Forum was set up in March 2017 within the IRSA site to bring IRSA, the worldwide radio sailing organization as an affiliated member of World Sailing, together with delegates from the RG65 ICA, an Independent Class Organization, not affiliated to any International Association, and a substantial Observer Group from both organizations.

The prime purpose of the forum was to focus on a set of proposed rules developed by IRSA that would be acceptable for international and continental championships under WS and IRSA guidelines.

Over the ensuing months many items were discussed and many changes agreed on resulting in a newly named set of rules for the international community: 65 Class Rules. This name variation is intended to separate those rules in custody with the RG65 ICA from those now to be published that are in the international standard IRSA format.

The IRSA delegates would like to thank the RG65 ICA delegates and the contributing members of the Observer Group for their valuable input into helping make these 65 Class Rules more acceptable and viable for international competition.

IRSA hopes that the rule discussions have established more confidence in the way we act as an international organization and we also hope that the RG65 ICA and IRSA can work more closely to further advance this class with its growing popularity.

Similarly the RG65 ICA delegates would like to thank the IRSA for the work done in developing the proposed rules and bringing this forum together as part of their ongoing support of International RC Yachting.

In the near future IRSA will publish the updated 65 Class Rules including the agreed changes. This means that international events using these 65 Class Rules can then be run with the confidence that they are under the authority of World Sailing and the IRSA.

RG65 ICA Delegates
IRSA Delegates

Race and Tune Session. Gosport MYBC. Saturday 9 December

posted 29 Nov 2017, 02:21 by RG NCA   [ updated 29 Nov 2017, 02:21 ]

Wayne Stobbs has posted on Facebook: RG65 race and tune. Gosport MYBC. Saturday 9 December from 10am

I know that there are some RG65 skippers feeling a bit left out because they cannot get up to the Birkenhead PopUp, me included, so I would like to propose an informal gathering at Gosport MYBC.
Round the cans racing and tuning till the last person has had enough, or the sun sets, which ever comes first.
No restriction on rigs etc. Let’s play and tune up in readiness for 2018. (Yes, I want to see how my new boat fares against you seasoned pros).
Oh, one last thing, no prizes for the winner.

The location can be found here.

MYA AGM 25th November- Class Report and Trade Show

posted 20 Nov 2017, 14:31 by RG NCA   [ updated 20 Nov 2017, 14:32 ]

With the MYA AGM coming up on the 25th November, the Class Reports have been published, see below for Alex Cory's summary of the year for the RG65 Class.

Remember, before the AGM kicks off, there is a trade show where you will be able to discuss some of the latest designs and pick up a few things RG65 related. This all takes place at Rowheath Pavilion, Heath Road, Bournville, Birmingham. B30 1HH on Saturday 25th November 2017 with the trade show starting at 9:45am and the AGM at 1.45pm

Report for the 2017 MYA AGM by Alex Cory – Acting Class Captain

The RG65 class has continued during 2017 to establish itself as a highly competitive, high
performance class with low entry barriers.

Some of this success has come through people moving up from the DF65 Restricted One Design
boats, but at the same time seen people joining the class from the bigger boats. The relatively low
cost and simple rule book make it ideal for everyone, whether they build or buy a boat.

Registered RG65’s have grown from 124 in November 2016 to 175, a 41% increase which is pleasing
and gives us a good platform to build on.

This growth has been helped by a number of great new designs arriving on the water including the
Sith from Mark Dicks, the Scurry by Richard Wills and a number of designs from the continent
including the Manta 2017 which is winning many of the European Events.

The UK Traveller Series was as competitive as previous years with John Tushingham winning the title
from the other 54 participants.

A testing National Championships was held at Birkenhead with local skipper, Graham Elliot,
managing the weed better than the rest to win the title.

The UK Class Association Committee continue to work closely with and support the International
Class Association as it seeks to unify the class on a worldwide basis and we see great opportunity for
a step change in the class during 2018.

The 2018 calendar is here

Pop-Up Open at Birkenhead - 9th December

posted 20 Nov 2017, 14:08 by RG NCA   [ updated 20 Nov 2017, 14:08 ]

For those who can't wait for the start of the 2018 season, Birkenhead RSPC are holding a pop-up open event on the 9th December.

With the current RG65 National Champion intending to compete along with several of the clubs Dragonforce 65 sailors, good competition should be available at all levels.

More information on how to enter on the club website here

2017 UK Class Champion - John Tushingham

posted 9 Oct 2017, 05:40 by RG NCA   [ updated 9 Oct 2017, 05:41 ]

At the last Travellers Series race of the season at Watermead at the weekend, the results of the RG65 UK Class Champion was calculated using scores from all 9 events with over 50 different skippers sailing throughout the year.

This year’s Champion is John Tushingham. John is a worthy winner, and was applauded by all,  Phil Holliday (last year’s winner) presented the trophy to John at the lakeside presentation. Alex Corey's win on the day took him in to 2nd place overall with Tobi Laux having to settle for third, full results here.

A big thank you to all those who took part and to all the clubs who put in the time and effort to host the events.

Looking forward to next years race calendar the first event is at Eastbourne on the 10th March.

Traveller 1 - Eastbourne, Saturday,10th March 2018
Traveller 2 - Lincoln, Saturday, 21st April 2018
UK National Championship - Two Islands (MK), Saturday & Sunday, 12th May & 13th May 2018
Traveller 3 - Keighley (Weecher), Saturday, 16th June 2018
Traveller 4 - Keighley (Weecher), Sunday, 17th June 2018
Traveller 5 - Gosport, Saturday, 21st July 2018
Traveller 6 - Watermead, Saturday, 18th August 2018
Traveller 7 - Birkenhead, Saturday, 22nd September 2018
Traveller 8 - Datchet Water, Saturday, 13th October 2018

Travellers Series Round 8 - Results

posted 9 Oct 2017, 05:33 by RG NCA   [ updated 9 Oct 2017, 05:34 ]

Eighteen skippers lined up at Watermead lakeside for the last of the 2017 Traveller events.

Wind was from the S.W. varying between 6-8mph and 12-14mph which made the choice of rig very challenging for all skippers. Sixteen races throughout the day saw many changes of rig and changes of fortunes for those who got it more right than wrong. Alex Cory quickly established himself at the top of the table with Tobi Laux always close behind. John Tushingham decided to sail his DF65 which performed very well but could just not get up front even in the hands of one of our top skippers. Alex took the top position with Tobi second and Roy Stevens third, for full results see here

As this was the last race of the season The RG65 UK Class Champion was calculated using results from all events with over 50 different skippers sailing throughout the year, this year’s Champion is John Tushingham. John is a worthy winner, and was applauded by all,  Phil Holliday (last year’s winner) presented the trophy to John at the lakeside presentation. Alex's win on the day took him in to 2nd place overall with Tobi having to settle for third, full results here.
With lots of new boats and more and more “converts” as well as new skippers, the RG65 class is firmly established in UK an growing fast.

Looking forward to 2018 and beyond.
Thanks to all from your race secretary, Noel Donaldson (GBR 29)

Travellers Series Round 8 - Update

posted 28 Sep 2017, 01:40 by RG NCA   [ updated 28 Sep 2017, 01:40 ]

With just a week to go before the final Travellers series event of 2017, we now have 13 skippers entered for Watermead on 7th October and expect more in the next week or so. With a good size fleet, the lake is at a good level and weed free. It should be a fun day with some tight races.
There is good parking close to the lake side and with easy access to the water and the usual Watermead welcome you should get your entry in asap please to

Link to the NOR here.

The Watermead club website is

Traveller Series Round 8 - Watermead MBC - 7th October

posted 15 Sep 2017, 04:33 by RG NCA   [ updated 28 Sep 2017, 02:07 ]

The NOR has been posted for the final round of the 2017 Travellers series at Watermead on the 7th October.

This is also the decider for the 2017 Class Championship with John Tushingham still in the lead after with 473 points over 5 scoring rounds from 7 Traveller events and the Nationals. With this impressive score John has the title tied up. Its up to Tobias Laux and Alex Cory fight over 2nd in Aylesbury.

Entries to Noel Donaldson ASAP please (see NOR for details)

Link to the NOR here.

The Watermead club website is

Traveller Series Round 7 - Report and Results

posted 11 Sep 2017, 09:09 by RG NCA   [ updated 11 Sep 2017, 09:09 ]

Eleven skippers turned up for this event at the massive lake at Datchet. The conditions were very challenging with many rig changes throughout the day to cope with the varying wind and wave conditions.
In the end Alex Cory was the clear winner with Nigel Brown close behind, both sailing Scurry design hulls made by Alex.
The club did a great job running the event, thanks to Terry and his team and as usual the bacon butties in the club house were excellent.
A good but very exhausting day was had by all.

Link to the result here

The deciding round of the 2017 series is at Watermead on the 7th October

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