2019 Calender

Noel Donaldson has been working hard behind the scenes to set up the 2019 TT series and with the dates now finalised and submitted to the MYA, they can be shared so that you can start to plan your personal lives around them.

Round 1 9 March Eastbourne
Round 2 6 April Bournville
Round 3 11 May Birkenhead
Round 4 9th June Watermead (Note - This is now SUNDAY)
Round 5 6 July Keighley
Round 6 7 July Keighley
Round 7 (UK Nationals) 14&15 September Gosport
Round 8 12 October Two Islands

2018 Calender:

This year the Class Champion trophy remains ensconced in Yorkshire with John Tushingham taking the title for the second year in a row, and with 4 wins and a 2nd there was no touching him. Well done John.
The final results standings after Round 8 can be found here.

Traveller 1 - Eastbourne, Saturday,10th March 2018 - Report
Traveller 2 - Lincoln, Saturday, 21st April 2018 - Results
UK National Championship - Two Islands (MK), Saturday & Sunday, 12th May & 13th May 2018 -  Results
Traveller 3 - Keighley (Weecher), Saturday, 16th June 2018 - Results
Traveller 4 - Keighley (Weecher), Sunday, 17th June 2018 - Results
Traveller 5 - Gosport, Saturday, 21st July 2018 - Enter
Traveller 6 - Watermead, Two Islands, Saturday, 18th August 2018 - Venue Change - Results
Traveller 7 - Birkenhead, Saturday, 22nd September 2018 - Results
Traveller 8 - Datchet Water, Saturday, 13th October 2018 - Results

The best five results from any of the nine events above will count towards the 2018 RG65 UK Class Champion Trophy. 

Results and Reports for the 2017 Series:

This year’s Champion is John Tushingham. John is a worthy winner, and was applauded by all, Phil Holliday (last year’s winner) presented the trophy to John at the lakeside presentation. Alex Corey's win on the last day of the season took him in to 2nd place overall with Tobi Laux having to settle for third. The full rankings are here.

Traveller Series (1) Saturday 4th March at Eastbourne - Results

Traveller Series (2) Saturday 22nd April at Weecher Resevoir, West Yorkshire
Traveller Series (3) Sunday 23rd April at Weecher Resevoir, West Yorkshire - Results

Traveller Series (4) Saturday 13th May at Scotland Farm, Lincoln - Results

RG65 UK National Championships 24th & 25th June at Birkenhead - Results

Travellers Series (5) Saturday 15th July at Gosport - Results

Traveller Series (6) Saturday 12th August at Two Islands, Milton Keynes Results

Traveller Series (7) Saturday 9th September at Datchett Water Results

Traveller Series (8) Saturday 7th October at Watermead Results

Results and reports for the 2016 series are below :-

After 8 events with a total of 69 skippers taking part, Phil Holiday of Datchet Water was awarded the 2016 Class Champion Trophy, full results are here.

Phil with the Class Champion Trophy
Traveller series (1) Saturday 5th March at Watermead - Results
Traveller series (2) Saturday 16th April at Birkenhead - Results

Traveller series (3) Sunday 1st May at Woodspring or Yeovil  Cancelled

Traveller series (4) Saturday 21st May at Lincoln - Results
RG65 UK National Championship 4th & 5th June at Eastbourne - Results
Traveller series (5) Saturday 23rd July at Birkenhead - Results
Traveller series (6) Saturday 13th August at Two Islands (Milton Keynes) - Results
Traveller series (7) Saturday 3rd September at Datchet Water (near Heathrow) - Results
Traveller series (8) Saturday 8th October at Watermead Bournville (change of location and date) - Results