2018 RG65 National Championships, 12/13th May, Two Islands Radio Yacht Club

Reminder - Closing date for entry is 28th April

This year’s RG65 UK National Championships will be hosted by Two Islands Radio Yacht Club  on Furzton Lake in Milton Keynes on the weekend of 12 and 13 May 2018.

The onsite Hotel should be booked early to get the best rates. More details and entry instructions may be found in the NOR.

Event Schedule

Friday 11th May
14:00 to 17:00      Measurement, Registration and Practice
Evening                Hungry Horse Pub, Premier Inn Hotel

Saturday 12th May 
08:00 to 09:30     Final Measurement and Registration
09:45                   Briefing
10:00                   Warning Signal
TBA                     Lunch (provide your own)
No race will start after 18:00. Any heat in progress after 18:30 will be abandoned
Evening                Hungry Horse Pub, Premier Inn Hotel

Sunday 13th May
09:30                    Briefing
09:45                    Warning Signal
TBA                      Lunch (provide your own)
No race will start after 16:00. Any race will be abandoned if the first boat in ‘A’ heat has not finished by 17:00.

Prize giving shortly after the finish of racing.


Two Islands Radio Yacht Club, Fursrton Lake, Shirwell Crescent, MK4 1GA Milton Keynes.

Note: The event will take place on the side of the lake nearest the Premier Inn hotel. This is opposite the normal Two Islands sailing water. 

Full directions can be found on the club website.


Furston Lake

Notice of Race and Entry Form

The Updated NOR has been posted online at the MYA website and the online entry form is available Here

For other ways to enter check the NOR. 

Closing date for entry is 28th April and entry is only valid after the £25 entry fee has been paid.

Entry List

 Skipper  Club  Sail No  Design
 Phil Holiday  Datchett  66 Argon
 Graham Bartholomew  Coalhouse Fort  65 Wedge
 Noel Donaldson  Watermead  29 Scurry
 Jorge Camilo  CN Cascais  15 Electronica
 Paul Davis  Lymington  77 Vision
 Nigel Brown  Gosport    55 Scurry
 John Tushingham  Keighley  51 Scurry
 Liz Tushingham  Keighley  71 Scurry
 Gilbert Desclaux  CN de St Mandrier  111 Skinno
 Peter Baldwin  Birkenhead  63 Pocket Rocket
 Peter Vulperhorst  Blokzeilers  05 Skinny
 Alex Cory  Gosport  34 Scurry
 Graham Elliot  Birkenhead  88 Electronica
 Victor Izquierdo Rodriguez  Ren Valencia  63 OK
 David Isitt  Watermead  99 Scurry
 Martin Gray  Jacksonville MYC  183 -
 Mark Dicks  Clapham  33 Sith
 Mike Parkington  Fleetwood  82 -
 Sue Parkington  Fleetwood  86 Pocket Rocket
 Clive Cokayne  Portsmouth  18 Sith
 Roger Dunklin  Watermead  177 Sliver
 Chris Forman  Portsmouth  58 Goth XP
 David Potter  Birkenhead  20 Pocket Rocket
 Stan Cockeram  Lymington Town  92 Wedge
 Peter Dunnett  Watermead  55 Scurry