2015 RG65 National Championships - 27/28th June, Watermead MBC
Saturday started well with 23 sailors completing registration and getting the seeding races underway in good time. The weather was sunny but with south westerly wind funneling up from the bottom corner of the lake, making it tricky to set a windward leg parallel to the control area on the bank. With a slight extension to the day, 11 races were held in to total.  At the end of the day Brad Gibson was in a good position at the top of the leader board with John Tushingham and Ken Binks not far behind.

Saturday night entertainment was courtesy of a buffet dinner at the Phoenix restaurant which is handily right on the lakeside.

Sunday started a bit grey and damp but steadily got brighter with the sun finally coming for the presentations. The wind was stronger but still from same direction, most boats on to B rigs by the lunch break but some frantic rig swapping between heats later in afternoon as the weather improved. Wrong rig choice and unlucky shifts at the top end to the windward legs meant that a few big names ended down in B fleet for a time before bouncing back up again. We were also treated to a impromptu fly-past by the Avro Vulcan and Catalina flying boat.

In the end Brad Gibson dominated the racing scoring 27 points from 21 races with his new design Electrionca built by James Edward of Robot Yachts, who sailed his own Electronica into 8th place. John Tushingham with a Mark Dicks designed Sliver was second with 66 points. Ken Binks sailing an Argon was third with 82 points. Jorge Camilo from Portugal sailed his Argon in to 4 and rounding out the trophies, Mark Dicks, with his Mk2 Sliver came 5th. Full Results are attached below.

As well as the Electronica and Mk 2 Sliver, another new design at the weekend was John Taylor's Fonix, two boats were racing, both with slightly different setups to decide on the final production specifications.

Big thanks to Clive Bardell and all of the team at Watermead MBC for the excellent organization even in the drizzle on Sunday morning.

A link to Sue Brown's excellent photos is here


Full results can be downloaded here

Notice of Race

The full NOR is here.

Entry List

 Skipper  Club  Sail No  Design
 Brad Gibson  Birkinhead  42  Electronica
 Noel Donaldson  Watermead  29  Argon
 Nigel Brown  Gosport  55  Sliver
 Matt Riley  Bournville  20  Cobra 5
 Phil Holiday  Watermead  66  Argon
 James Edwards  Yeovil    88  Electronica
 John Tushingham  Keighley  51  Sliver
 Liz Tushingham  Keighley  61  Pocket Rocket
 John Taylor  Fleetwood  28  Fonix
 Peter Popham  Three Rivers  21  Gothic MXP
 Ken Binks  Eastbourne  41  Argon
 Peter Pulford  Oxford  3  Dragon Force
 Jorge Camilo  Portugal  POR1  Argon
 Philip Playle  Chelmsford  TBA  TBA
 Tom Willgoss  Bridlington  15  Goth
 Mick Chamberlain  Lincoln  46  Fat Git
 Mark Dicks  Clapham  6  Sliver
 Roger Dunklin  Watermead  166  Goth
 Alex Cory
 Gosport  34  TBA
 Agustin Moreno
 David Potter
 Birkenhead  20  Pocket Rocket


Watermead Model Boat Club, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP19 0FU.

Directions on club web site: www.watermeadmodelboatclub.wordpress.com

Watermead Lake