RG65 Class

The RG65 is a development class for 65 cm long radio controlled yachts which means that anything not mentioned in the rules is allowed. 
The simple rules are designed to encourage people to try new ideas at a modest cost.

Plus points for the class are:
  • Light weight around 1kg.
  • Compact enough to fit in a small car fully rigged.
  • No need for special heavy duty sail servos.
  • Hulls built in balsa wood are little heavier than expensive carbon fibre moldings.

Chris Jackson has been the main driving force for the development of the class in the UK through his ‘Free Sailing’ articles in the MMI magazine but has recently stepped down and been replaced by Mark Dicks as the UK Class Secretary and World Council Representative.

Contact the UK Class Association here

UK Sail numbers are assigned to members of the RG65 Class Association by the National Registrar. Registration and number allocation are free.

For membership and sail numbers, use the online Registration form.

B Fleet start at 2013 Natonals
Close racing at the 2013 National Championships

RG65 Class History

The beginnings of the RG65 can be traced back to the austerity of post war Argentina. In the early 1950’s Don Juan Gherzi created the G65 class which was 65cm in length, bread and butter hull construction and a free sailing rudder. This class became very popular in Buenos Aires at the Plaza Uruiza due to the ease with which they could be transported across the city by bus, tram or train.

In 1978 a group of enthusiasts lead by Raul Lando fitted radio equipment and the RG65 was born. In 1999 the present rules were written which offered a greater liberty by way of rig design, the maximum sail area increased to 2250cm2 and the maximum mast height to 110cm. In the same year the class was adopted by the South American Sailing Authority and the popularity of the class spread into Brazil and Chilie.

From South America the class has now spread into Europe (Especially France, Germany and Holland) and is now developing in North America.

Easy to Transport

One of the ideals for the RG65 class was to be able to transport the boat easily. As you can see below, a fully rigged boat fits easily inside a small hatchback (in this case a VW Lupo) without even folding the seats flat.

Easy to Transport - Fully rigged boat in the back of a VW Lupo

Recent News

  • Travellers Series Round 5 - Birkenhead - 23rd July
    Back to the sailing, the next round in the 2016 Travellers Series is to be held at Birkenhead on the 23rd July.

    Fresh from the nationals this is the last event before discards start to count for the 2016 RG65 UK Class Champion trophy. Can anybody match the consistency of Phil Holiday and Noel Donaldson who are currently at the top of the rankings?

    NOR attached below.

    Posted 24 Jun 2016, 14:12 by RG NCA
  • RG65 and the IRSA - Result
    Thank you to all who took the time to take part.

    The final result is:

    Option 1 - 5 Votes
    Option 2 - 122 Votes

    This will be passed on to the RG65 ICA so they can make our position known to the IRSA

    For more comment see either the RG65Forum here or MYA Forum here
    Posted 24 Jun 2016, 13:34 by RG NCA
  • RG65 and the IRSA - Update
    The ballot of UK RG65 NCA members currently stands at:

    Option 1 - 1 Vote
    Option 2 - 47 Votes

    For more comment see either the RG65Forum here or MYA Forum here

    For a US/international take on this issue (both the US and Chilean NCAs are also holding ballots) please look the thread on RCGroups here

    Please vote if you have not already and and please make anybody you think may be eligible aware.
    Posted 17 Jun 2016, 10:54 by RG NCA
  • The RG65 Class and the IRSA

    It has come to the notice of the RG65 International Class Association that the IRSA (The radio sailing arm of World Sailing, who govern the existing "International" classes) have turned their focus on the RG65 class and its rules with the intention of bringing the rules in line their standard format as well as changing some details in terms of measurement etc. Most of this has occured without any formal apparoach to the existing RG65 bodies.

    As the UK RG65 NCA we need to ask all our members to read the message from Fredo Volmer (the Spanish RG65 NCA representative) about the dialog between the RG65 ICA and the IRSA  (A draft of the proposed IRSA rules can be found in 160304.4 Mentges DE+IRSA to Fredo ICA.docx in the dropbox folder he links to) His message can be found Here 

    Lester Gilbert has posted a response from the IRSA perspective on the MYA forum which goes a long way to explaining what the IRSA can do for the RG65 class without actually asking if the RG65 class wants to be part ot the IRSA. His and other comments can be found Here

    The ICA has been asked for a vote on two options

    [1] - Accept WS/IRSA tutelage by becoming an IRSA International Class. IRSA has not explained or proposed to us what powers they would exercise. It is possible that they will assert full power to define our Rules and procedures, and that only IRSA affiliates will be able to participate in non local events.
    [2] - Reject IRSA's pretention and stay to our own Rules (with due updating when due), continue with our own Activities Schedule, and act according to our established uses and procedures.

    We need your votes so we can make the UK position on this matter know to the RG65 ICA and the IRSA

    If you are purely a DF65 sailor, you might think that these changes wouldn't affect you, but if you wanted to sail in an RG65 regatta in the future it could affect the eligibility of you and your boat to race. It is important that everybody make their opinion known.

    These votes are needed by 25th June at the latest so our response can be sent to the RG65 ICA.

    Link to voting form here. IRSA Ballot.

    Please take the time to read all the information and vote as this could affect the way the class is run in future.
    Posted 14 Jun 2016, 08:22 by RG NCA
  • Travellers Series Points Update
    With the Nationals out of the way and with four events under the belt, the 2016 Travellers Series is the next thing for RG65 skippers to be working towards. With a best 5 out of 9 format this will decide the winner of the  2016 RG65 UK Class Champion trophy. So far 52 sailors have entered qualifying events but it is consistency that counts as Phil and Noel, currently in 1st and 2nd place are the only ones to have made it to all of them. Current national champion John Tushingham is just outside the top 5 as, despite winning the events he has entered, he has only been to two.

    With 4 events remaining, the next on Saturday 23rd July at Birkenhead, there is still all to play for.

    The current top 5 are:
    PositionNameSail NoClubOverall Points
    1Phil Holiday66Watermead304
    2Noel Donaldson29Watermead299
    3Ken Binks83Eastbourne254
    4Mark Dicks6Clapham234
    5Nigel Brown55Gosport231

    Posted 14 Jun 2016, 07:44 by RG NCA
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Clubs regularly sailing RG65s:

Kingsbury Water Park MBC near Tamworth - KWPMBC 
Springbok Mariners at Alford Surrey - SMMBC
ROFWAC at Wilton Park, Batley - ROFWAC
Watermead Model Boat Club, Aylesbury - WMBC
Huntingdon Radio Yacht Club, Huntingdon - HRYC
Woking Model Yacht Club, Woking - WMYC
Two Islands Radio Yacht Club, Milton Keynes - TIRYC
Knightcotes Model Boat Club, Warwickshire. KMBC
Birmingham Model Yacht Club, West Midlands. BMYC
Keighley & DMES, Yorkshire. K&DMES

Clubs with Dragon Force One Design fleets:

Portsmouth Model Yacht Racing Club at Canoe Lake, Portsmouth
Llandudno Model Yacht Club
, N Wales. LMYC
Coal House Fort Model Yacht Club, Essex. CFMBC
Swanley Model Yacht Club, Swanley, Kent - SMYC
Eastbourne & District Model Yacht Club, East Sussex - EDMYC
Furness Model Boat Club, Barrow in Furness, Cumbria - FMBC

If your club has a
fleet, let us know here.
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